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SolvedShe leaned back in the chair. Her hair was brown and cut short while her eyes were a green hazel. She wore a white button-up shirt with black shorts and suspendors. Black French court shoes adorned her feet.
On the other side of the table sat was a man, nervously pulling at the collar of his undershirt. His black suit had a striped tie. Grey colored his thin hair and eyes.
"So, Évariste Lebeau," The woman across from him glanced over at him. "You know why you're here, right?"
"My daughter, Lucienne, is... No longer with us," he swallowed down his tears.
"That's correct. If I recall correctly, her body was found on a cruise ship," she closed her eyes. "Was there anything strange about how she was acting?"
"No, I don't believe so," he hesitated. "Wait, when I last saw her, she seemed to be in a rush or panic of some sort."
"Really? Anything else?" The detective sat up.
"That wasn't the first time she acted that way. She seemed to get in such a panic when she was in large crowds,"


: EmotionWhat is emotion?
It's nothing,
What is the point of it?
There's no logic,
No fact,
Only falsehoods.
What is it like to feel?
What is it people do to feel?
What is so wrong that I can't feel?

Myth's Series New

Re-Myth's Sword-Ch.1The loud noise of metal meeting metal rang through the silent streets. His yellow eyes grew wide as he turned to face what happened. A silver gun, with a snake for a muzzle and the name "Medusa" engraved on the barrel, blocked the blow of a wide sword.
"Filthy peasant, you don't even know what you're up against, do you?" Her voice harshly snapped with a hint of over confidence.
"What the hell?" The man before her froze.
Despite her small build, she was able to block the attack of a husky adult. Her long, golden hair was the first thing that stood out to the boy, how beautiful a shade it was and how pure of a color it looked. She pushed forward with the gun, keeping one hand hidden from the attacker.
The shine of a small, but sharp knife reflected in his eyes, "Wait-"
"This is the end for you!" She plunged the knife into the adult's stomach.
"How?" He watched as the body fell to the ground, lifelessly. "Who-What are you?"
Her piercing blue eyes dug into his as she put one weapon in each

Myth Series Old

Myth's Sword-Ch.1The light of the moon added to the shine of his short silvery hair. His golden eyes were focused on the empty street in front of him while keeping a steady pace in his strides. A gentle breeze kept rouge locks of hair out of his face. Dirt from the unclean city ground covered the bottom of his sneakers and a small bit of his pant leg. His hands swayed as he walked, ruffling against his unzipped jacket that covered a plain white shirt.
"G-Gah!" A groan came from behind him.
Quickly, the boy turned to greet it. A man stood just a few feet behind him with his sword raised in the air. Red began to stain his chest as his grip on the weapon loosened until it fell. The man soon joined the sword on the ground, revealing a girl that stood behind him. A bloody knife was in one of her hands while the free hand flipped her long blonde hair, almost knocking off her black hat that was outlined with blue. Her blue eyes glowed from beneath her bangs. She placed her black boots, that covered black and

Virus Series

Mature Content

Trinity Series

Innocence"Taranis! I'm ready for my lesson!" A female with firey red hair cheered.
Her hair was freely flowing in the air and her floor-length dress was cream colored. White boots hid under the length of her dress. A purple banner with a silver trinity knot hung from her waist. The trimming of the banner was a shining silver.
"Ah, Andraste," a man, Taranis, smiled at her.
He wore a long black robe that made his light brown hair seem even darker. His eyes were icy blue. A black cape with gold trimming and a dark blue inside hung off his shoulders. Taranis approached her.
"So, what are we learning today?" She asked.
"Well, first, I have a little gift for you," he untied his cape. "It is your twenty-second birthday, you know. It's the day mages stop their training and start their adventures."
"Yeah, it is, isn't it?" She pouted. "Does that mean we can't hang out anymore?"
"No, we can be partners, instead of mentor and student," He wrapped the cape around her. "This shall be the symbol of your grow

Chapter Stories

Hatch-Ch.1The dark colored creature roared as it destroyed more of the ruins. These creatures were common, along with the site of rubble. People were almost completely powerless against them.
"Hey, you!" A female shouted.
She stood behind the creature, with a white egg in her hands. The egg had golden wings painted on it. Her hair was black and tied in a loose ponytail. She wore a dark green uniform with short sleeves, long grey gloves, and pants. Green lights lined the trimming of the outfit.
"Heaven, guide me!" She threw the egg into the air as it glowed.
The egg turned into a glowing white wolf-like creature with golden wings. He landed beside her.
"Let's go, Esfir," the beast pressed itself against the ground.
Esfir mounted Heaven and he took flight. When they were above the monster's head, they nodded to each other and she jumped onto it, plunging her sword into its eye.
"Now, Heaven!" She yelled at she jumped onto nearby ruins.
Heaven dug its teeth into its head and tore it apart. After th


About Me

Online, I go by the name of Angel. I'm just a little writer and I'm hoping for my skills to grow as time goes on. I have picked up drawing again, though I'm far from an expert and tend to delete the pictures after a while. Well, I hope you enjoy my work.

MMD/Miku Miku Dance


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